Interesting facts about the origin of gambling and casinos

Interesting facts about the origin of gambling and casinos

There have always been many legends in the gambling entertainment industry. These are tales of fantastic winnings that can also be obtained at online casinos. Currently, you can enjoy card and table games at Winshark online casino. All visitors to the site can play for fun, but you need to register in order to win money. And here are some interesting facts about casinos and the gambling industry.

The first case

In 1638, the first legal gambling house was opened in a Venetian church building. The Ridotto Casino was closed to the rich and famous. There was a certain dress code when playing. The Italian term “casino” means “small house”.

In China, gambling was forbidden. The warriors of the Celestial Empire are considered the creators of cards, although not in their current form. Various modern gambling games also originated in China. In addition, Italy already had gambling establishments for officials and rich people before the first casinos appeared.

Second case

A cab in London has the smallest casino. The vehicle has a gaming table, mini-bar and TV. Grosvenor, a gaming operator from the UK, has developed a unique mobile casino-taxi. One can play poker or blackjack with the cab owner in the back seat. The visitor can also play online slots on a tablet. Club Winshark, which is a popular online casino, also offers a wide range of slot machines.

Interesting facts about the origin of gambling and casinos

Fact No 3.

The biggest online casino win in history is 38 million dollars. Paul was the lucky winner of the prize. A gamer unexpectedly won a huge prize during the Arabian Night online game. This example shows that luck can smile on everyone, whether they are playing at an online casino or a land-based gaming club. Try to hit the jackpot at Winshark slot machines in the casino, and who knows, maybe now your bet will bring you a huge win.

Fact No 4

People from Monaco cannot gamble at the casinos in Monte Carlo. This law was passed around the mid-1800s. People from Monaco are not allowed to gamble in casinos. Thus, only foreigners receive income from gambling.