But can devices such as slot machines influence our minds?

But can devices such as slot machines influence our minds?

The colors used to create slot machines can play an important role in attracting players.

Griffiths writes about the characteristics of slot machines and how they affect players. Currently, little is known about how their design affects human behavior, but for example, many machines are painted.

Red is considered an energizing color, so it is widely used in casinos.

Sounds are also important. Griffiths wondered whether replicas of the characters in the games in the machines could get players to act.

The frequency with which players can place bets is a key factor in determining the addictive ability of gambling.

Griffiths argues that it is the number of potential rewards, not the actual money or even the type of gambling, that attracts gambling addicted players.

In addition to this, game and machine developers often seek to keep players busy by offering them various ways to compensate for their winnings, such as adding an extra amount to their account or allowing them to win more next time than usual.

The process of playing the game itself may be the most important element.

In some situations, players may attempt to acquire a “pseudo-skill” to justify their desire for additional rewards.

Griffiths cites British slot machines with adaptive logic as an example. This means that they often win more than they lose. However, their generosity decreases over time.

But can devices such as slot machines influence our minds?

Thus, some players seek out machines with big wins, hoping to hit the jackpot.

All this shows that winning is far from being the main thing in gambling. The process of gambling itself, as well as all the accompanying elements that make the game so exciting, are crucial.

Obviously, this is not the only explanation for pathological gambling addiction; there are many reasons that contribute to the development of this addiction.

After all, people who go home with empty pockets find something addictive in gambling, even if their addiction is not morbid.

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