Unexpected facts about casinos

Unexpected facts about casinos

1.The first casino in Las Vegas issued a license to a woman

It wasn’t just male gangsters who worked in the Las Vegas casino industry. In 1920, a woman named Mayme Stocker obtained a legal license for the North Club. Stocker was a respected wife and mother who was often written about in the local newspapers.

2. It is harder to win at American roulette than at the European version.

In America, it will be a little more difficult for roulette enthusiasts to win. It was originally a French game, but the Americans changed the formula by adding a “00” and a “house pocket 0” on each wheel to accommodate 38 instead of 37 possible places to land the ball. This was more complicated in the past. The 1866 version of the game featuring the American Eagle added another opportunity for the house to win it all.

3. The best casino gambling is penny slot machines.

You should not be fooled that games such as “penny slot machines” or “penny slots” are actually the most lucrative casino games. Gaming hall owners believe that the decline in the early 2000s was due to the growing popularity of slot machines, which only allowed players to bet small amounts of money, but most of them bet higher amounts.

Unexpected facts about casinos

4. Casino owners have made it a rule that players must show their hands to the cameras before leaving the premises. If you have ever seen any strange ritual in a casino, don’t be surprised because there are always video cameras built into the ceiling to watch everything that happens. The owners have also established certain rituals for which players must show their hands:

  • relating to the guest’s bets;
  • before handing anything to visitors or casino staff;
  • accidentally touching someone’s hand;
  • when approaching a table or leaving;
  • Before starting and after completing an exchange transaction;
  • Releasing anything from the floor;
  • When security is jeopardized Never pass or take anything directly from the hands of visitors or casino employees. The gaming desk must supervise all transactions;
  • Adjusting hairstyles or clothing;

Although casinos are already outlawed in many countries, they are a separate empire with their own laws. But even here there are exits, because man is gambling and craves for the game. The main thing is to remain human, not to give all of yourself to the process.