The most common phrases for newcomers to the casino

For a growing group of people, gambling has become an enjoyable activity. However, if you are new to land-based casinos or even online casinos, it can be difficult to navigate. There’s the whole voice of players and dealers shouting out random words. Casinos can be a confusing place for newcomers.

There is no doubt that the casino industry has created a unique slang over the years.

The most common phrases for newcomers to the casino

To avoid feeling uncomfortable if someone uses them, let’s take a look at the most common phrases at the table:

Limit betting: this is the phrase used by a confident player who bets on a single round or spin.

Card counting: this is often discouraged in land-based casinos. You are likely to be politely asked to leave if you are caught counting cards in blackjack (you memorize how many cards the dealer has left). Card counting is not considered a sport.

Can you trade color: When a player plays in a casino, they ask the dealer to “trade color”. This means they exchange a large number of low denomination chips for a smaller number of higher denomination chips.

Freebies: your neighbor can tell you that he loves casino “freebies.” Customer gifts include free drinks and food, as well as hotel nights.

Flat slot: a slot machine that pays out only a certain amount of money each time. Unlike progressive slots, it does not increase the jackpot.

Gold mine: a player who expects to win. If the lot pays regularly, it can also be called a “gold mine”.

Live casino: modern online casinos offer more and more opportunities to stream with live players on real tables.

Charge: when a player bets the maximum number of coins a slot machine can allow on a spin, he or she is “charging”.

Pigeon: More experienced players may try to piss you off by calling you a pigeon to show how stupid or inexperienced a player you were.

The most common phrases for newcomers to the casino

A pit boss is a supervisor who controls every table in the casino.

You can be banished from the casino for cheating. This means staying behind a blackjack player’s back and letting your friends at the table know what cards he has.

Dealer Tip: When players give chips to cash, winning players reward the dealer with a tip.

Cash: A casino commission, also known as house edge or casino winnings.

Whale: players who bet higher than their opponents.

Learning about new casino sayings and phrases is useful for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Remember that poor preparation means poor training.